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Neck Cushion Memory Foam VM936A
This specially-designed, moulded neck cushion reduces pressure on the neck. It slips around the neck quickly and easily and provides a soft, but firm support for the head, reducing tension in the neck, head, shoulders for greater comfort and relaxation.
Heel Cushion
Heel Cushion to prevent sore feet & pressure sores (Priced per pair)
Wheelchair Arm tray Lateral Stabaliser
Wheelchair Arm tray Lateral Stabiliser, fits most straight arm wheelchair by velcro. (priced individually)
Wheelchair Headrest Foam
A strap on foam wheelchair headrest that can be fitted to high back wheelchairs, day chairs and recliners.
Reclining wheelchair backrest.
Add on Reclining wheelchair backrest to fit to most 18" wide wheelchairs. Remove the existing backrest and replace with this reclining backrest for maximum wheelchair comfort.
Wheelchair Armrest Bolster
A bolster to aid posture in the wheelchair, fits most straight arm wheelchairs with velcro. (priced individually)
Banana Pillow
Designed to increase the user’s comfort, the Banana Pillow is positioned around the waist while the user is in a sitting position, such as on a chair or in a wheelchair
Birling Bed Backrest
An angle adjustable backrest for the bed