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Handy Reacher VM901
A reaching aid that assists in grabbing items normally beyond reach. 65 cm 26"
Folding Handy Reacher 65 cm VM901D
A 65 cm long handy reacher which folds in the centre for portability.
Handybar vehicle transfer aid
This handybar fits the majority of U shaped striker plates in motor vehicles to provide a safe and strong handle to assist entering and exiting the car.
Jar, Bottle and Tap Turners Openers (Set of 3)
Make light work to open those stubborn jars, bottles and taps with this set of 3 turners openers.
EZ Door Knob Grips
EZ Doorknob Grips makes it easy to turn round and awkward doorknobs. It’s great for people with arthritis, young children, and senior citizens who may have trouble gripping the door handle. Its comes in a pack of 2.