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A range of medium size mobility scooters in three or four wheel configurations in Sydney. Medium size scooters sometimes offer spring suspension for ride comfort, they can travel further distances than the small compact scooters. Medium size scooters offer greater comfort when compared to the small portable types and they often have lights and indicators. Free delivery within the Sydney metropolitan area.
Drive Envoy 8 Plus Mobility Scooter
Drive Envoy Python 8 in red or blue, LED headlights, suspension and long range batteries. Click photo for details.
Merits Eco 745 Mobility Scooter
Stylish budget priced medium sized mobility scooter by Merits
Merits 745 PLUS Mobility Scooter
The 745 PLUS mobility scooter features 11" wheels, a powerful 4 pole motor and adjustable suspension.
Merits Eclipse S2 Mobility Scooter
A mid size scooter with 11" wheels, spring suspension, LED display and available in a variety of colours.
Merits Eclipse 10 S830 Medium 3 wheel Mobility Scooter
A medium size 3 wheel scooter offers greater maneuverability and spring suspension.
CTM HS 589 mid sized scooter
A mid size 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter with plenty of performance & features.
Merits Fende S946
A new modern 4 wheel scooter with the batteries mounted beneith the floor for greater stability and a storage compartment under the seat