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 Wheelchair Attendant Powerpack by Merits
A small electric motorised drive unit that attaches to your existing manual wheelchair that assists the carer to propel the wheelchair via handle bar controls.
Lightweight Powerstroll
The Drive Medical lightweight powerstroll will turn most manual wheelchairs into a powered attendant controlled wheelchair
Powerstroll S Drive
This excellent new Powerstroll will turn most manual wheelchairs into carer controlled powered wheelchairs. It takes the strain out of pushing a heavy wheelchair and makes easy work of hills, ramps and uneven surfaces.
CTM HS 2800 Powerchair
Medium size mid wheel drive power wheelchair which is extremely maneuverable.Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Can also be ordered as an attendant controlled.
Alber Viamobil
An attendant controlled devise that fits to your wheelchair for effortless pushing and braking of the wheelchair.
Alber Viamobil Eco
A attendant control devise that very easily attaches to your wheelchair allowing the attendant to control the wheelchair electrically with ease.