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Electric 3 Wheel Mobility Scooters

Roland Priestley Pty Ltd offers a variety of 3 wheel Electric Mobility Scooters.

 Advantages of a 3 wheel mobility scooter compared to a 4 wheel model are:

  • Maneuverability,  3 wheel mobility scooters can go in many more tight places than a 4 wheel model. Great for both indoors and outdoors. This is a huge advantage for many people.
  • Legroom, a 3 wheel mobility scooter will have greater legroom than a 4 wheel equivalent in nearly all cases.
  • Transferring, as a 3 wheel mobility scooter has better legroom, it also is easier to transfer on and off the machine in most cases. In particular if your legs don't bend easily.
  • Transportation, 3 wheel mobility scooters are far easier to transport in a car or almost anywhere compared to an equivalent 4 wheel model. They take up less space and are lighter to lift.
  • Tyre wear at the front is often better on a three wheel scooter. 4 wheel scooter require their front wheels to be properly aligned, if that wheel alignment is out there will be more drag/friction and greater tyre wear.

I often get asked if three wheel mobility scooters are safe?

 The fact is that they are very safe if used correctly. Like any piece of machinery they have their limitations and its knowing those limitations which requires a little bit of common sense.  Roland Priestley Pty Ltd has been distributing 3 wheel mobility scooters for over 20 years and almost all of our three wheel mobility scooter customers have never had a problem with the stability aspects of a 3 wheel model.

 Please feel free to contact Roland Priestley Pty Ltd if you have any questions.

CTM HS 125 Mini Scooter
A small compact transportable Mini scooter, quick and easy to load into a car, ideal for indoors or shopping centre's.
Merits Momo S237 Mobility Scooter
Small lightweight, transportable mobility scooter
Merits Eclipse 10 S830 Medium 3 wheel Mobility Scooter
A medium size 3 wheel scooter offers greater maneuverability and spring suspension.
Merits Aurora  S836
A Large Powerful Three Wheel Mobility Scooter