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A range of accessories for walking canes and crutches
Folding walking cane pouch
A nylon zippered pouch or bag for transporting or storing a folding walking cane
Frog Cane Stick holder
A small convenient clip that attaches to any walking cane so it can be hung easily from a table.
Quad Leg Cane Tip HM-52008
The Max Mobility Quad Leg cane tip adds stability & balance to any 19mm or 3/4" walking cane.
Tri Leg Cane Tip
A walking stick or walking cane tip with 3 points for extra stability. Fits most 19mm diameter walking canes. Code HM-52007
Walking Cane & Crutch Ferrules Tips
A range of walking cane and crutch tips from only $2.50ea
Walking Cane Holder Reflective
A reflective walking cane holder which enables the user to quickly store a walking cane to the edge of a table, spring shuts flat when not in use, it is suitable for 16-19mm diameter walking canes. (code HM-52004)
Walking Cane Wrist Strap
A snap on wrist strap that will easily attach to any 16mm or 19mm walking cane