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PVI Wheelchair Access Ramps

We offer and stock a variety of different types of wheelchair access mobility ramps manufactured in the USA by Prairie View Industries. PVI ramps are all aluminium, they all have a non slip surface, they all have a high weight carrying capacity, and are light in weight for their size.

I welcome all enquiries, please when you enquiring, it will help both of us if you can inform us:

  • 1) The overall height for which you are needing the ramp. (most important)

  • 2) What are you going to use the ramp for?  For example: A) Occupied manual self propelled wheelchair B) Occupied assisted Manual Wheelchair C) Occupied power wheelchair or mobility scooter D) Unoccupied power chair or scooter E) other application

  • 3) Any special needs of the person operating the equipment. For example the strength/abilities or a of the person wheeling themselves in a wheelchair or the strength/abilities of the attendant/carer.

  • 4) If you want the ramp to suit a motor vehicle it will help if you know the make, model and year of the vehicle

The recommendations for a suitable ramp will differ depending on answers to the above questions. Please provide this information so we can better assist you.

Click the photo's below for specific information on each type of ramp.

Please note: I am sorry, we do not hire out ramps, they are only available for sale.

PVI ramps ARTG number is 132491, CLICK HERE to view the certificate

Please also note: The Budget Single Fold Ramps, Channel Ramps, Heeve Aluminium Ramps and Rubber Ramps displayed here are not made in the USA and are not made by PVI.

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PVI Threshold Wheelchair Ramps
Aluminium wheelchair ramps designed for doorway thresholds
PVI Height Adjustable Self Supporting Threshold Ramps
These ramps are adjustable in height via a screw thread to suit most heights up to 89mm. They are suitable for doors that swing in and out and they butt up directly against the edge of the door threshold.
PVI Single folding wheelchair ramps

Single folding aluminum suitcase wheelchair ramps in various sizes from 2ft to 5ft long lengths.

PVI Multi folding wheelchair suitcase ramps
A range of lightweight multi-folding aluminum wheelchair suitcase ramps. This series comes in a variety of models and sizes ranging from 5ft to 8ft long lengths. Portable Ramps for motor vehicle, home or office environment.
PVI Solid Aluminium Wheelchair Ramp
These solid wheelchair ramps are ideal in homes and offices where a more permanent ramp is required without a handrail.
PVI OnTrac Wheelchair Ramp with Handrails
OnTrac solid wheelchair ramps are a solution to easily installing a semi permanent ramp with a handrail. 5 different lengths are available 4 ft -10 ft long.
PVI Wheel-A-Bout Ramp
The Wheel-A-Bout ramp is a portable folding wheelchair ramp on wheels that stands up for storage when folded. It is available in 10 & 12 ft lengths  and is available in 2 models.
PVI Van ramps
These ramps bolt into your van and stand up behind the rear door. They are spring assisted for easy unfolding.
Budget Folding Aluminium Ramps
A range of wheelchair suitcase ramps, they fold & include a carry handle
Rubber Threshold Wheelchair Ramps-Aidapt
These Aidapt rubber ramps simply are placed in front of the threshold, they do not require installation, they are suitable for placement both indoors and outdoors. They are made of rubber, generally are heavy in weight so they don't move and are tapered to the floor at both sides.
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