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Wheelchair Rollator Seat Walker Caster Wheels
Wheelchair Rollator Seat Walker Caster Wheels

Non marking caster wheels suitable for use with wheelchairs, seat walkers & rollators. Shipping available Australia wide.

Casters include bearings to suit a 5/16 or 8mm axel unless otherwise specified.

Shipping available Australia wide.

Please note: Photos are a general representation of the product. The actual item supplied sometimes may differ visually from what is shown here, however the sizing will be accurate. If the model below is not available, an equvelent of the same size and quality may be supplied. Please do ask when enquiring.

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 WCC004 Caster 5 x 1"

WCC004B Caster 5 x 1 1/4"

Hub/bearing Width 40 mm

Cost $25.00 each 


WCC0041 Caster 5" x 1"

WCC0042 Caster 5 x 1.5"

Primo Brand Polyurethane

Hub/bearing Width 25 mm

Cost $45.00 each


 WCC005 Caster 6"x 1"

WCC005B Caster 6"x 1 1/4"

Hub/Bearing width 40mm

Cost $26.50 each


WCC0051 Caster 6 x 1"

WCC0052 Caster 6 x 1.5"

Hub/Bearing Width 25 mm

Primo Brand Polyurethane

Cost $49.00 each



Caster 6" x 2"

Hub/Bearing width 60 mm

Suited to small power wheelchairs

Cost $49.95 ea


 WCC006 7 x 1"

Bearing/hub width 43 mm

Cost $28.00 ea


 WCC006B 7 x 1 1/4"

Bearing/Hub width 43 mm

Cost $28.00 ea


 WCC007 8 x 1"

WCC007B 8 x 1 1/4"

Bearing Hub Width 45 mm

Cost $30.00 ea



8" x 1" caster with 60 mm hub width

Cost $30.00 ea

   QH-WUPP70125 Wheelchair Caster

8" x 1.5" caster with 25mm bearing/hub width

Primo Brand Polyurethane

Cost $40.00 each

 WCC003 Wheelchair Caster

200 X 50 (8"x 2") complete solid Polyurethane

Bearing/Hub width 58 mm

Cost $40.00 each

  QH-WUPP70128 Wheelchair Caster

200 x 50 (8" x 2") Complete solid Polyurethane

Bearing Hub Width 56 mm

Cost $40.00 each

WCC001 Caster 200 x 50 (8"x 2")

Complete Pneumatic (Split Rims)

Bearing/Hub width 60 mm

Load Rating 64kg

Cost $49.00 each


 WW-W0821  Caster 200 x 50 or 8" x 2" Solid

Bearing Hub width 60mm

Cost $35.00 ea



 Primo Alloy Caster 200 x 50 (8" x 2" ) Split Rims.

Suits Electric Power Wheelchairs & many manual wheelchairs.

Cost $45.00 without tyre & tube

Cost $74.50 with pneumatic tyre & tube

Cost $74.00 with solid foam filled tyre




WCC021 200 x 50 Caster Without Tyre  Split rims.

Cost $29.00 ea

Bearing/Hub with 60 mm

Suitable for fitment to pneumatic & solid tyres



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Bearing/hub widths quoted are + or - 2mm

If you are interested in this product and want to know more, please CLICK HERE and fill in the form. Do not fill in the form below as submissions there are not being received

If you are interested in this product and want to know more, please fill in the below form.
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