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Power Toilet Aid
Power Toilet Aid

The Power Toilet Aid (PTA) is power toilet lift designed for individuals with musculo-skeletal or neuromuscular limitations due to disease or injury.  The user will transfer to the PTA, lower the seat down to the toilet with a touch of a button and back up again when finished.  It will lift the user approximately 33cm about toilet height, bringing them to a standing position.  The Power Toilet Aid will help reduce stress on the knee and hip joints and is safe and comfortable for the user.  Another benefit of the PTA is reduced potential of back injuries among attendants caused by lifting patients.  The PTA is easy to use; a lift switch is mounted for fingertip operation.


Mobile:  The Mobile PTA comes with 4 locking casters, a waist container and a toilet seat. It can be used over the toilet by locking the wheels in place. Additionally, by sliding the waist container under the seat, the PTA can be used as a bedside commode. (Photo above)


Please CLICK HERE  to view a You Tube video demonstration of the Power Toilet aid by Stand-aid the Manufacturer. 

Please CLICK HERE for a PDF instruction manual


   Above Photo: Height adjustable frame to suite
differing toilet bowl heights

Left Photo: at full height

  • Promotes normal elimination safely and comfortably
  • Helps prevent attendant back injuries caused by lifting
  • Reduces stress on shoulders and upper body Provides the user greater independence and privacy

Shipping  Size: 66 x 34 x 115 x 50kgs

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