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Topro Neuro Parkinsons Rollator Walker
Topro Neuro Parkinsons Rollator Walker
Topro Neuro Parkinson's Rollator Walker

The Topro Neuro is based on the successful Topro Troja Rollator. The Topro Neuro has a reverse braking system and the option of a laser light designed for Parkinson's sufferers and other neurological conditions.

  • Very safe reverse braking system ensuring the brakes are automatically activated
  • Optional Laser Light accessory for people with gait freezing and other neurological conditions
  • When brake levers are released the brakes are activated, the unit will not roll away
  • The reverse braking system helps prevent falls
  • Available in 2 frame sizes small or medium
  • Folds easily and is lightweight for travel
  • Optional one handed brake accessory if one handed brake operation is needed
  • Seat included. (Available in 2 different seat height choices depending on frame size)
  • Optional padded & adjustable backrest for the seat
  • Easy to fold, requiring little space when stored
  • Pull the cord on the seat and the rollator folds together horizontally
  • Push the handlebars down into the sidebars
  • Unique memory function sets the handlebars back to the appropriate height
  • Stays securely on its wheels when folded
  • Takes little space and is very practical to transport
  • Excellent for users who travel by car, train, bus or airplane


  • Topro Neuro $850.00
  • Topro Neuro with Laser is currently unavailable
Optional Laser accessory for those with
gait freezing and other neurological conditions.
  • Left photo:  Showing the optional laser beam projected to the ground
  • Lower left photo:  button to activate laser module. It is operated without wires between the button and the light module
  • Below photo: Wireless Laser light module
   Left Photo:  Reverse brake mechanism is safe and positive.


 NEURO Small Medium
 Colour Silver Dark Grey
 Recommended User Height
135-170 cm
150-200 cm
 Maximum weight of user
125 kg
165 kg
 Basket Capacity
10 kg
10 kg
 Handle Height Range
67-86 cm
78 - 100 cm
 Maximum Length
65 cm
65 cm
 Maximum Width
60 cm
60 cm
 Distance between support Points
47 cm
47 cm
 Seat Height
54 cm
62 cm
 Diameter Turning Circle
84 cm
84 cm
 Diameter F & R wheels
20 cm
20 cm
 Width F & R Wheels
3.6 cm
3.6 cm
 Grip Distance Driving Brake
6.5 cm
6.5 cm
 Height when folded
74 cm
80 cm
 Width when folded
24 cm
24 cm
 Length when folded
65 cm
65 cm
 Product weight standard model
7.4 kg
7.8 kg
 Product Weight Laser Model
7.7 kg
8.1 kg

Description Item Number
   Laser Accessory
   Padded adjustable back support
814607 $85.00
   One handed Brake
184026 $50.00
   Cane Crutch Holder

(Fits both sides)
814025  $65.00
   Rear bag with zipper
814046 $60.00
   Water Bottle holder
(Bottle not included)
 814043 $30.00
  Troja Serving Tray
814728 $65.00

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If you are interested in this product and want to know more, please fill in the below form.
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