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Alber efix
Alber efix
Alber efix

An electric drive concept for your wheelchair! A minor addition with a major impact giving an immense increase in the quality of life with clever technology. The best thing of all, this added comfort can be had without having to surrender the customised wheelchair you have become so used to!

Activities which in the past required a great deal of effort and planning by those restricted to a wheelchair, can suddenly be undertaken with comparative ease. A quick trip to the chemist, paying a call on friends whenever you feel like it or simply going about your working day life. The ability to be spontaneous and flexible - that's what the new e-fix power drive does for you.

The e-fix is controlled via a small control unit intelligently mounted in extension of the armrest. The dynamic looking design of the control unit, with its large buttons and easy-to-comprehend symbols, makes it easy to use even for those with restricted movement. e-fix puts safety first, which is why all functions are monitored by the built-in electronic technology. If there is a long interval where your wheelchair is not moved, e-fix will automatically switch off to save battery life. One touch is all it takes to disengage the e-fix drive wheels and operate the wheelchair manually if needed.

The wheel hubs are fitted with electric motors that provide a powerful drive for your wheelchair. The light weight battery pack is simply fastened to the mounting beneath the seat and can be quickly recharged using the automatic charger that comes with the e-fix. The practical quick-fasteners means individual components can be mounted just as effortlessly as they can be dismounted and without needing any tools to do so. Despite its powerful performance, e-fix is inconspicuous and light weight. Its compact design means e-fix can be easily stored into the boot of a car

One of the foremost advantages of e-fix is the fact that it can be universally fitted to a variety of mobility aids such as nursing or support/posture chairs, pediatric or standup chairs. Whatever the aid, e-fix can adapt to it.

The efix is also available in a 12 1/2" wheel model, the components can easily be dismantled making it lightweight and very transportable.


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If you are interested in this product and want to know more, please fill in the below form.
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