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Using a wheelchair for many years can become a painful experience as shoulder, elbow and hand joints become strained - a direct result of continually pushing the chair manually. This often leads to arthritis and other muscular complaints experienced by wheelchair users. This is where emotion proves its advantage over other products: active mobility is increased and the health risks linked with manual wheelchairs are minimised.

Your chairs manual wheels are simply replaced by emotion power assisted wheels - a universal solution which fits most of the manual wheelchairs models on the market. To enjoy the advantage of active mobility, no one needs to give up their own wheelchair.

Emotion is at it's best when negotiating kerbs and particularly when driving uphill. Steep terrain presents a physical challenge to most wheelchair users, so let emotion take over when your strength deserts you. Effective braking on downhill gradients is achieved with little effort. Just a slight check of the push rim is sufficient for the electrical servo-brake system to slow down movement. Three different levels of support are available at the push of a button, 1) minimum support for indoor use, 2) for outdoor use on even terrain, 3) maximum support for uphill stretches or for those requiring total support. Depending on the users dysfunction, left and right hand support can be adjusted independently. If higher power is required, sensitivity is reduced thus providing valuable therapeutic training.

The wheels are secured by small attachments on the wheelchair frame which do not affect the function of the wheelchair. In most cases, the manual wheels can still be used so that the appropriate type of drive can be selected as and when required. The electric motors are integrated inconspicuously in the wheel hubs and importantly there are no disturbing motor noises due to the gear-less and maintenance-free 'simultaneous drive' concept

Because of its compact design, emotion can be quickly loaded into the boot for transportation. None of the parts weigh more than 10kg making it easy to handle. Even with emotion mounted, every folding wheelchair can still be compactly folded together

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