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Equipment to assist people in the Bathroom & Shower

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Pembury Corner Shower Stool VB636
A height adjustable corner shower stool suitable for small showering areas, it tucks in the corner to maximise limited space.
HBA425 - Sliding Rotating Transfer Bench
The HBA425 is a rotating bath bench with a sliding rail to make it easier to transfer in and out of the bath or shower.
Genf Self Propelling shower Commode by Rebotec
Rebotec Genf is a self propelling shower commode with a soft seat and a front hygiene opening. Made in Germany
Augsberg Shower Commode for Children
The Augsberg is a wheeled shower commode for children available as a transit or self propelling model. Made in Germany
Rebotec Swing Grab Rail
Rebotec Swing Grab Rails are available in 4 different lengths. Made in Germany
Rebotec Cascade Grab Bar System
Rebotec Cascade is a modular grab bar system allowing for different and varied configurations. Made in Germany
Aidapt Shower Bath Stool with Rotating Seat VB511R
This height adjustable stool can be used in the shower, the bath or anywhere around the home. It has a rotating seat to to assist with turning side to side when seated.
Rebotec Cannes Shower Stool with arms
The Rebotec Cannes is modular shower stool with a front hygiene opening. (Made in Germany)
Rebotec Nizza Shower Chair
The Nizza shower Chair has a backrest, armrests and a front hygiene opening.
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